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Page Saver Basic and Pro 2.5

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Today, we released version 2.5 of both Page Saver Basic and Pro.
Here are some of the enhancements included in the both the Basic and Pro editions:

  • Added an option to show the Page Saver item in the Firefox Status Bar. Learn more.
  • Added a -savelog command line flag to allow the PageSaver:CaptureComplete log output to easily be captured in a file. Learn more.
  • A new flashdelay command line option was added to allow an additional capture delay to be used when a page contains Flash content. Learn more.
  • Improved Flash capture for dynamic pages.
  • When a page is too large to be captured in its entirety, an alert message is displayed.
  • Added a hidden preference named that may be modified to change the maximum length of the file paths that Page Saver generates. Learn more.
  • Added Galician translation and updated other translations (special thanks to Eduardo Bauta Bis and all of the BabelZilla translators).

PRO In addition, Page Saver Pro purchasers can enjoy these enhancements:

  • When capturing a selected region, the position and size of the selected area is displayed.
  • When capturing a selected region, the arrow keys may be used to move (nudge) the selected area one pixel at a time (hold down the shift key to move it 10 pixels at a time).
  • When capturing a selected region, the Enter or Return key may be used to complete the capture.
  • When using the -saveoptions right and bottom command line options, negative values may be used to specify an offset from the right and bottom edge of the page.

As usual, you can upgrade from the Firefox add-ons window. If you are not using Page Saver yet, start at this page.

Most of these enhancements were requested by our customers. We value your feedback.