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Cool tool: Nvu

Monday, October 17th, 2005

One of the cool tools that I like to use is Nvu, an HTML editor and web site management tool based on the Mozilla code. Daniel Glazman is the inspiration and wizard behind Nvu.

Nvu is very easy-to-use. It provides multiple editing modes (WYSIWYG, tags, source, preview). I rarely need to use anything other than the WYSIWYG (Normal) mode but it is easy to switch to source mode when I need to tweak something. Nvu also supports advanced features such as CSS, JavaScript and configurable toolbars. I find it particularly good at dealing with tables (e.g., one-click to delete a row or column).

Unlike Mozilla Composer, which Daniel and I worked on together, Nvu goes beyond basic page editing and includes a site manager sidebar to help you manage an entire web site. Like Mozilla Firefox, Nvu supports extensions such as Launchy.

Developed by Disruptive Innovations, Nvu is an open source project sponsored by Linspire. It works on all major platforms (Mac OS X, Windows and Linux) and it is free. You can download it from here.