Yesterday we released updates to the Pearl Comments Server and to Pearl Comments for Firefox. New features that Firefox users will see include:

  • An option to replace your name with “me” when displaying
    comments.  You can adjust this option from the Pearl Comments
    options window.
  • An option to show the URL of the page for each comment in the
    sidebar when the “Any Page” or “Recent” tab is active.  Set the hidden
    preference pearlcomments.showPageURLsInSidebar to “true” to enable this
    feature.  Each URL is displayed inside a <div> element that has
    the CSS class PearlCommentsPageURL.
  • The capability to use a Pearl Comments stylesheet
    (pearlcomments.css) that is separate from userContent.css and
    userChrome.css.  For more information about customizing Pearl Comments for Firefox using CSS, see this blog posting.
  • Firefox 3 compatibility.
  • Russian translation.  Thank you Alexander Sokolov!

To upgrade the Pearl Comments browser extension, open Firefox’s Add-ons window and click “Find Updates” on the Extensions tab.

If you use the Pearl Comments Service, your server has already been upgraded for you.  If you have purchased a license for the Pearl Comments Server, please contact us to obtain the new server.

If you have any questions or suggestions for additional features, please contact us.