Do Not Disturb Icon

We are pleased to announce a new product. Pearl Crescent Do Not Disturb is a Firefox add-on that suppresses prompts that interfere with unattended use of the browser. Many people use Firefox in a scripted or server environment where no one is available to dismiss annoying prompts that cause Firefox to pause and wait for input. For example, JavaScript code running on a web page can use window.alert() or window.prompt() to display modal windows. Do Not Disturb suppresses or automatically dismisses these kind of popup windows and prompts so that Firefox just keeps on going.

Do Not Disturb is very effective, and it is also simple to install and use. The various suppression behaviors may be controlled by changing settings on the Do Not Disturb options window.

Do Not Disturb Options

Learn more by visiting the Do Not Disturb product page or dive in and read the manual.