This week, we released version 2.1 of Page Saver Basic and Pro.

Enhancements included in both editions:

  • Compatible with Firefox 3.5.
  • The “Arrange to Capture Flash Content” supports more Flash pages and is now available on Mac OS.
  • The default quality setting for JPEG images has been increased.
  • If a page request fails during a command line capture (e.g., if Firefox is unable to contact the web server), an error is reported instead of capturing a blank image or an error page.
  • The HTTP result code (e.g., 200 or 404) and other useful information is now reported for successful command line captures. Learn more.
  • Improved coexistence with other Firefox add-ons.
  • Updated Dutch translation (thanks to Markh).

Enjoy the new version, and please let us know what you think.

One thought on “Page Saver Basic and Pro Updated to Version 2.1”
  1. I should have mentioned that Firefox 3.5 is the next major version of Firefox (until recently, Mozilla planned to release it as version 3.1; at the time I am writing this, Firefox 3.1b3 is available from

    Both Page Saver Basic and Pro are of course compatible with all revisions within the Firefox 3.0 series (for example, 3.0.7).

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