Recently, we’ve received several email messages from customers who report that Page Saver Basic and Pro are not able to capture Flash content on their Linux system. Unfortunately, we have not been able to determine the cause in all cases. Here are some things to check:

1) Make sure you are running Firefox 3.0.x, Flash 10.x, and either Page Saver Basic 2.1 or Page Saver Pro 2.1.

2) Make sure that your X display bit depth is 24. Other bit depth levels don’t allow Flash to be captured (see Mozilla bug 476282).

3) Make sure that you’ve enabled Page Saver’s Flash capture option. Interactively, check the menu item “Arrange to Capture Flash Content.” From the command line, be sure to include the -captureflash option along with some delay to allow some time for the Flash content to load (use the -savedelay command line flag).

If you are still having problems, it may help to:

  • Install and use a copy of Firefox from Mozilla’s web site.
  • Install the Flash plugin into your Firefox profile directory (~/.mozilla) rather than using a package provided with your Linux distribution. One customer reported:

    I found that the RPM package that Adobe distributes does some strange things with openSUSE. After uninstalling Flash completely and reinstalling the .gz manually on each user I was able to [capture Flash] with Arrange for Flash checked.

If you are experiencing this problem or if you found a fix, please make a comment here or contact us.