Last Friday (January 6th), we released an update to Pearl Crescent Page Saver (version 0.9.2), our free extension for Mozilla Firefox that saves a web page as a PNG image.

The update includes fixes some issues with the save dialog and includes four contributed localizations:

  • cs-CZ by Tomas Marek
  • fr-FR by Jean-Bernard Marcon
  • it-IT by Robert Martucci
  • sk-SK by SlovakSoft

Today we submitted Page Saver to BabelZilla to encourage additional localizations.

We have begun work on the Linux version of Page Saver and it is almost ready. We ran into a problem on 16-bit displays where color values are slightly darkened in the saved images. This turns out to be caused a bug in the Mozilla canvas code. Robert O’Callahan has already posted a patch.

Look for another release of Page Saver (with Linux support) next week.