Two weeks ago we released version 0.9.2 of Pearl Crescent Page Saver (our free Firefox extension that saves a web page as a PNG image). Earlier this week (Wednesday) we released version 0.9.3.

Thanks to BabelZilla and other volunteers, Page Saver now includes nine localizations. These four were added in this release:

  • de-DE by Wawuschel, Team
  • es-ES by Urko
  • ru-RU by Alexander Sokolov
  • sl-SI by Martin Srebotnjak

The new version includes support for Linux x86 (which many people have requested). We made other small improvements including deriving the default image file name from the page title.

Another feature included in Page Saver 0.9.3 that several people requested is the capability to invoke the Page Saver functionality from the command line. There are many ways that this can be used including writing a script that saves images for a series of pages.

The new command line option is -savepng. For example, to save an image of Flickr’s recent photo page:
    firefox -savepng

If you’re unfamiliar with command line options for Firefox, the MozillaZine Knowledge Base provides a good overview.