We are very happy to announce the availability of Pearl Crescent Page Saver version 1.0.

Page Saver is our free extension for Mozilla Firefox which saves web pages as PNG images. You can capture the entire page or the visible area. New in version 1.0:
* the capability to set and use a shortcut key to capture the contents of the browser
* an option to show or hide Page Saver’s context menu items
* a hidden preference for people who need to grab the browser contents with slower computers (send us email if you get blank PNG images instead of the actual image — we’ll tell you how to adjust the setting)

Version 1.0 also includes these new locales:
* Danish (Finn Sørensen)
* Korean (Hunmin Kim)
* Brazilian Portuguese (Eduardo Rapoport)
Thank you to everyone who has translated and tested Page Saver for us!

If you have feature suggestions, bug reports or are willing to translate Page Saver, please let us know.