Pearl Crescent Page Saver is used in many different ways. We enjoy reading blog postings like this one from mitten that describe an interesting use of our software:

In working on the new blog design, I’d like to display some thumbnail pictures of various websites I frequent. There’s probably a dozen or so of these and they update their content frequently, so I’d like to change my thumbnails accordingly – maybe not in real time, but certainly weekly or maybe even daily. I started looking around on the web for a solution, and there just didn’t seem to be one in my grasp – either hardware platform or cost-wise.

I was already using Page Saver, a Firefox extension from the local web folks at Pearl Crescent. It’s a great tool for taking screen shots – you literally just click and you’re done. It has a bunch of options, including whether to save as jpg or png. I thought for a moment that I might just do that manually every day, but quickly thought better of it. However, if you pony up $15 for the Pro version, first off, you can save the thumbnails directly to an FTP server, and second, you can run it from the command line, which means you can automate the captures. Awesome! (Furthermore, you can specify an ElementID within a page if you only want that one part – double awesome!)

If you read her entire posting you will learn that you cannot save to an FTP server from the command line (maybe we should fix that, although there are many tools to automate that kind of thing). Many of our customers use Page Saver Pro from the command line, which is a great testimony to the flexibility of Firefox and to people’s creativity in finding useful ways to use small tools such as Page Saver.

And mitten — thanks for the great posting on Page Saver. Feel free to use the “Send Feedback…” option in the Page Saver menu to send us feature requests. We try to implement the most requested features.