We are pleased to announce that Page Saver Basic and Pro 1.5 are now available.

Improvements to Page Saver Pro include the display of large cross hairs when selecting a region to capture and additional command line options (top, left, bottom, right, and scale).

Improvements to both editions include the display of “Welcome” and “What’s New” pages at start up, the capability to specify the browser window size on the command line, improved window height calculation, and improved command line error reporting.

We also added two new translations: Traditional Chinese and Ukranian. A big thank you to our friends at BabelZilla for their help.

The Page Saver documentation has been updated to describe the new features and to provide more command line examples.

As always, we like to hear from you. Make a comment here, or use our feedback form.

2 thoughts on “Page Saver 1.5 Releases”
  1. Yes, purchasers of Page Saver Pro receive updates at no additional cost. Please open the Firefox Add-ons window (Tools | Add-ons) and click the “Find Updates” button on the Extensions tab. If that does not work, please send email to support@pearlcrescent.com and we will investigate.

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