Ever since we released Page Saver Pro, people have been asking us how they can leverage its image capture features within their own in-house projects. The wait is over.

Earlier this week, we launched a new product named Page Saver Toolkit that allows web and Mozilla developers to use the page capture capabilities of Page Saver Pro. By placing a little bit of JavaScript code inside a web page, you can call the Page Saver Pro engine to save an image of a page to a local PNG file. Or save it to a local JPEG file. Or upload it to an FTP server. Or save the area occupied by a single DOM element on the page. In fact, the Toolkit API will let you access nearly all of the capabilities of Page Saver Pro.

We also provide an XPCOM interface which is callable from privileged code inside Firefox (typically, that means from within another extension).

I could go on and on but I know this kind of product is not for everyone. But for those of you who are doing things like writing automated quality assurance tests for an interactive web product or who want to go beyond the capabilities provided by Page Saver Pro’s command line interface, the Toolkit is the product for you. Plus, it is fun to use. Learn more on these pages:

Please take a look and let us know what you think.