Yesterday I talked about the frame capture improvements included in Page Saver 1.6. In this posting I describe the other enhancements we made for the 1.6 release.

Page Saver Pro customers receive a frequently requested enhancement: from the command line, the -saveas flag now accepts an ftp://, http://, or https:// URL to allow you to upload a captured image to a server. On Windows and Mac OS, you can also use -saveas clipboard to place a copy of an image captured from the command line on the system clipboard. For more information, refer to the Page Saver documentation.

Other improvements we made to the Basic and Pro editions of Page Saver 1.6 include:

  • Added fine-grained options to control exactly which Page Saver menu items appear in the browser context menu.
  • Page Saver is now compatible with Firefox 3.0a8.
  • When constructing file names, Page Saver now replaces the forward slash (/), back slash (\), and colon (:) characters with a hyphen character (instead of removing them).
  • Added Turkish translation.
  • Fixed a problem where Page Saver would sometimes show the PageSaver:CaptureComplete status message more than once for the same command-line capture.
  • Fixed a problem on Linux that prevented pages taller than 32,766 pixels from being saved.

We also released an update to our developer product, The Page Saver Toolkit. Version 1.1 includes Firefox 3.0a8 compatibility and the capability to save to any server by specifying an URL in the capture API calls.

To upgrade your copy of Page Saver Basic, Pro, or Toolbox, use the Firefox Tools menu to open the Add-ons window and then click “Find Updates” on the Extensions panel.

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