Last week we released a new version of Page Saver Basic and Page Saver Pro. Version 1.7 has several new features:

  • The URL of the page can be used in the captured image’s file name. Include %u in the file name pattern in the Page Saver Options window.
  • The MD5 hash of the page URL can be included in file names. Use %5 in the file name pattern in the Options window. This is useful when integrating with services such as the JSON feeds.
  • Polish and Brazilian Portuguese translations are now included. Thank you to Rodrigo Bergmann Laurindo and vatzec for providing these via Babelzilla.
  • Page Saver Pro now includes the capability to add a new Header and/or Footer to a captured image. This feature may be used to record the URL of the captured page, the date and time the page was captured, and other information. The header and footer is configurable in the new Header and Footer tab in the Page Saver Options window.
Best wishes for a fabulous 2008!