One of the most common questions we receive about Page Saver is “When will Page Saver be able to capture Flash?” Unfortunately this is a Firefox issue. See bugs 313462 and 317447.

However, now that Firefox 3 will soon be available, we have good news to share with our Macintosh customers: Page Saver 1.7 (Basic and Pro editions) can capture Flash content in Firefox 3! When I heard this good news I immediately loaded a YouTube video in Firefox 3 release candidate 1 and captured it. Thrilled with my resulting image, I tried it a few more times! Woohoo! Hurray! Yippee!

Unfortunately I don’t know when this will be addressed in Firefox for other platforms (Windows and Linux). For now, if you control the web page you want to capture and you are on Windows, you can change the HTML to include transparency (wmode=”transparent”) on the <embed> tag. For example:

  <embed src="my.swf" wmode="transparent"

If you want to try Firefox 3, download the release candidate here:

Here is a sample capture:
Capture showing Flash content