A new Page Saver user recently emailed us. He mentioned that we don’t emphasize a feature that would have been useful at his previous company. He and other quality assurance testers needed to verify that web pages designed by their company looked correct at specific screen resolutions. However, the testing was not being done well because nobody had figured out how to set the browser window to the right size.

With Page Saver installed, from the command line, you can specify the width and height of the browser window and capture an image of the page for review in one step. For example:

firefox -saveimage http://apple.com/ -width 800 -height 600

Before Page Saver does its capture, it resizes the browser window to the specified size. (Note that this is the window size including all of the toolbars, not the size of the web page content.)

Please let us know if you use this feature or if you have suggestions for how to improve this feature to make your job easier.