As Kathy mentioned a few days ago, we are preparing to release a version of Pearl Comments that can show comments on the page. Adopting a “sticky note” metaphor will make some things easier, especially for people who are more visually oriented. When we demonstrated the new functionality a couple of weeks ago, several people suggested that we should vary the comment background color depending on the status of the comment. That sounded like an interesting idea to us, so we implemented it. Here is a screen shot:

In Pearl Comments, the possible status values are:

  • None (no special status)
  • In Progress
  • Completed
  • Closed

Comments that are In Progress are shown in orange and Completed comments are shown in green. The other comments are shown using the classic yellow “sticky note” color (we decided not to add a special color for Closed comments because they are hidden by default). It is also possible to override the colors we picked by editing Firefox’s user style sheet (we will post more about that another time).

What do you think about the colors we chose? Useful? Annoying? What colors would you use? There is still time to change them before we release the new version of Pearl Comments.