Release of Page Saver 1.3

I am pleased to announce that Page Saver 1.3 is now available in both Basic and Pro editions. If you already have Page Saver installed, you can update from the Firefox Add-ons window (open it from the Tools menu).

New features in both Basic and Pro editions include:

  • Shift-click on the toolbar icon will capture the entire page.
  • Alt-click on the toolbar icon will capture the visible portion of a page.
  • Hidden preference to control the name of the file.
  • Hidden preference to control whether to prompt for file name.
  • Hidden preference to control whether to overwrite an existing file or make the file name unique.
  • Additional locales for Italian, Japanese and Traditional Chinese (Taiwan).
  • Compatibility with Firefox packages created by organizations other than This includes Firefox 2.0 builds for 64-bit and Ubuntu Linux.

The Pro edition has these additional features:

  • Control-click (Windows and Linux) or Command-click (Mac) on the toolbar icon will prompt you to select a rectangular region of a page. You can see this feature in action here.
  • Command line option to set the maximum time to wait for a page to load (e.g., to capture the page after 3 seconds of loading, add -saveoptions maxwait=3000).
  • Command line option to add a delay after a page loads (e.g., to wait 1/2 second after the page finishes loading, add -saveoptions delay=500).
  • Command line option to capture only the visible portion of a page (e.g. -saveoptions visible).

You probably notice that several of these features are only available through hidden preferences. For this release we decided to minimize the work for our translators so we did not make any changes that required new text. In the next release of Page Saver, we will expose these new features in the options window and elsewhere.

For details on these new features, please refer to the Page Saver documentation. We also plan to blog about some of the new features in detail soon.

We appreciate all of the feedback we have received from all of you who use Page Saver. Please continue to send us feature requests and bug reports by adding a comment here or by choosing “Send Feedback…” from Page Saver’s menu.

2 Responses to “Release of Page Saver 1.3”

  1. Kathleen Brade Says:

    For details about setting the default file name for captured images, see this article.

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