One of our most requested features for Page Saver is to be able to control the name of the image files that are saved. Previously, the default name for each image file was the title of the page (with certain characters removed). We received many suggestions that the name include the date or time. Other people want to use the same file name every time they capture a page.

In Page Saver 1.3, we added a hidden preference named to allow people to control the file name. (For more information on changing hidden preferences, read this MozillaZine article).

The value for is a pattern which Page Saver will use to construct the file name. The following character sequences are replaced with values taken from the page title and the date and time of the capture:

  • %t — the page title (omitting characters that cannot be used in file names).
  • %Y — the year, e.g., 2006.
  • %m — the month, e.g., 11 for November.
  • %d — the day of the month, e.g., 02 for the 2nd day of the month.
  • %H — the hour using a 24 hour clock, e.g., 20 for 8pm.
  • %M — minutes.
  • %S — seconds.

Page Saver always appends an extension to specify the file type (always .png today).

If you always want to use the same name, use a preference value like: myImageFile.

If you want the file name to look like 2006-11-01_TitleofWebpage.png, use the value %Y-%m-%d_%t.

If you want the file name to look like yyyymmdd_HHMM.png, change the preference value to %Y%m%d_%H%M.

We plan to add more interpreted character sequences in the future; please add a comment below or send us email and let us know what you’d like included.